Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe 3.0

Enjoy this speed challenge breaking blocks and collecting power
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Block Breaker Deluxe is a great action game and speed challenge where the main goal is to shoot a ball and rebound it to destroy the obstacles and blocks in your screen. You must clear and destroy all the blocks in the screen board to clear each level.
Each level will increase the number of bricks and will challenge you with more obstacles, speed and less time to finish your task. Some blocks have items and power ups that will fall when you destroy the blocks, you must catch them and collect as many as possible without letting the ball cross the limit line down your skate. Some items are power, some are lives, roses and some are money rewards. Some gifts are hidden and you must clear some obstacles to make them fall to catch them.
This game allows you to collect some money and buy things in the emporium shop.
Block Breaker allows you to play a breaker tournament or an underground game, the tournament will challenge you to beat top scores and the underground mode is a game played in an illegal place.
Challenge and beat your best time and enjoy this fast action.

Birgilio Rivera
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